by Grotoko

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After dark, the air is cool and clear
Out here, I hear no screams, no sirens rehearsing
As I pass your street I'll take my time
Then I'll take a shortcut to the playground
And I'll stay there for a while...

I don't wanna go! I don't wanna go, don't wanna go home!
(Waheyaho! Waheyaho!)
"Sticks and stones"?! They don't understand, understand!
(Waheyaho! Waheyah-waheyaho!)
Whether forcing me up or pushing me down,
Life it seems weighs twelve thousand pounds
This is how it feels to grow.

Out here, autumn leaves, twirling in the whistle of the wind,
They resemble mementos, in the moonlight, of when I was young.
Everything I imagined is gone.
My childhood dreams have all passed on.

So I'll close my eyes, and I'll open my mind,
And for a moment, on the forth-swing, I can fly
(For a moment, we all fall down. We all fall down...)
Up above the hills, over the clouds, into the sky
But when I fall back down...
When I fall back down...

I don't want to joke about the "bullies" outside they fear!
(Innuendo! Innuendo!)
Because it's happened indoors and I've cried just as many tears!
(Waheyaho! Waheyaho!)
So damn them all for the lies they've sold!
I want to crawl out of my skin and burn it on the pavement!
But they can never know...
Oh waheyaho... I don't want to go home...

We all fall down... Husha, we all fall down...

Under gathering dust, I've fallen silent and unsound.
(...Under gathering dust... we all fall down...)
I don't want another promise. I just want someone that I can trust.
(Husha, we all fall down.)
But you are the only one. I need you now...
Can't they hear me screaming?!

We all fall down!
(Don't hold me up! Don't push me down! Waheyaho! Waheyaho!)
We all fall down!


released June 23, 2017
Grotoko is:
Blue McLeod - Lead vocals, piano, viola, glockenspiel, bass guitar

With help from:
Cameron Cannon - Second vocals, guitar
Veronica Sayese - Vocals, guitar
Brett Kartinen - Vocals, drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Shane Patience at Nomad Recording
All lyrics and music other than drums composed by Blue McLeod
Drum parts composed by Brett Kartinen



all rights reserved


Grotoko Winnipeg, Manitoba

Grotoko is an art rock project, drawing inspiration from punk, grunge, and classical music. Its name is a collage of the words "rococo" and "grotesque".

Using melodic lines and a confessional, sometimes sarcastic, non-sense lyrical style, it is a celebration of emotions, attempting to create something mildly beautiful from some uglier things in human experience.
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